Rosenbaum PLLC Trial Team Scores Major Victory in Important Jury Trial

On December 10, 2017, following a ten day trial, a Palm Beach County jury returned a verdict in favor of Rosenbaum PLLC’s clients, four entities owned and operated by Wellington Equestrian Partners, LLC, through their manager, Mark J. Bellissimo.  A re-print of the Palm Beach Post article about the case is below.  This was a critical victory for our clients, which had at risk tens of millions of dollars invested in the Equestrian Village project as well as their future plans for the 59.3 acre property.  The trial team consisted of five attorneys from Rosenbaum PLLC, Daniel Rosenbaum, lead counsel, Tatiana Yaques, George Kastrenakes, Misti Barnett and Dina Rosenbaum.  Our firm is proud of its lengthy representation of Mark J. Bellissimo and Wellington Equestrian Partners, LLC, and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, and the legal work that was done by our attorneys to achieve the result for our clients.