2021 GCC – Final Update 18 Chasin a Dream Foundation

Team Sponsor: Louisburg Farm

Corporate Sponsor: Rosenbaum PLLC

Charity Website: https://www.chasinadream.org

Funds Received: $20,000

How many lives do you serve annually? 300+

How many lives did you serve during the second quarter: We were able to assist an
additional 4 families with the remaining funds, bringing us to a total of 21 families
supported with this grant.

Reported Fund Use:
One of the families we assisted is the Louis Family. Gabriel (Angel Eyes) is a little boy
with eye cancer that we have been assisting.

He required additional surgery in Miami on his eyes which involved them removing both
of his eyes to look behind and check for any cancer. They then needed to shorten the
muscle in the eye with cancer to keep it from drifting.

Chasin A Dream was able to pay the co-pay and a hotel for the family to stay while
Gabriel underwent the surgery. Due to Covid only one parent was able to be in the
hospital with Gabriel and his mother was going to sleep in the car because of the high
cost of a hotel room.

We are so grateful for all that you
have done for us and other charities.