Business Law and Litigation

We safeguard your business interests in disputes over:

  • disability claims
  • antitrust and unlawful competition
  • contracts and licensing
  • corporate governance
  • joint ventures, partnerships, and corporations
  • non-compete, trade secrets, and restrictive covenants
  • professional and fiduciary liability
  • corporate and partnership dissolution and termination

Commercial Transactions

We guide you through:

  • negotiation, drafting, and review of contracts, loan agreements, and secured transactions
  • licensing and government regulations
  • corporate, partnership and sole proprietorship law and document preparation
  • negotiation and collection of debts
  • negotiation of claims
  • insurance coverages and exclusions involved in your transactions
  • anti-trust and other restraints on trade

Workplace Agreements

We safeguard you by:

  • negotiating, drafting, and reviewing employment, deferred compensation, incentive pay, confidentiality, trade secret, and proprietary agreements
  • advising, drafting and reviewing covenants not to compete and other restrictions and covenants involving workplace relationships
  • determining compliance with local, state and federal law for agreements with your employees, shareholders, members, and partners


We safeguard you by reviewing and advising you on cybersecurity insurance policies for your organization

Mergers and Acquisitions

We protect you by:

  • advising you about the structure of the merger or acquisition
  • negotiating, drafting, and reviewing merger and acquisition documents
  • reviewing and drafting business filings and licensing documents
  • advising you about tangible and intellectual property rights
  • preparing and reviewing government filings

Intellectual Property

We protect you by:

  • safeguarding your trademarks, copyrights, service marks, and technology
  • preparing filings to acquire trademarks, copyrights, and service marks
  • advising you about infringement of your trademarks, copyrights, service marks, ideas, and methods