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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Homeowner’s Association Laws in Florida

One of the best ways to protect the value of your future home is to purchase a home within a homeowner’s association. Homeowner’s associations create standards that each member must adhere to in order to preserve the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood and to keep property values from falling. While the purpose of a homeowner’s read more…

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Your Guide to Antitrust Legislation and Its Implications

Antitrust legislation is most commonly thought of in the context of Fortune 100 companies. In the last month alone, the Walt Disney Company sought approval from antitrust legislators to purchase most of 21st Century Fox. Multi-national corporations aren’t the only businesses subject to antitrust laws. Every business in the United States needs to understand what read more…

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Dissolution of Partnership vs Termination of Partnership: What Is the Difference?

So you’ve been in business with your partner for years. You chose to form a partnership to keep it simple. Even though your business is successful, your partner wants out of it. You might’ve heard the term dissolution of partnership and termination being thrown around a lot. But, are they the same thing? How do read more…

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