Community Association Law and Litigation


We protect your association by drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts, including:

  • vendor contracts
  • service contracts
  • construction contracts
  • loan agreements

Corporate Governance

We guide your association through routine corporate matters, including:

  • board and unit owner meetings
  • elections
  • financing guidelines and requirements
  • registered agent services
  • decision-making
  • insurance coverage
  • equal housing and equal employment

Collection and Foreclosure

We assist your association by collecting delinquent assessments in compliance with State and Federal law and foreclosing on owners who do not pay

Governing Documents

We safeguard your association by ensuring your governing documents are complete and updated, through:

  • covenant review
  • amending and rewriting governing documents
  • preserving or reinstating governing documents under Florida law


We shield your association by resolving disputes through negotiation, mediation, or formal proceedings, including disputes over:

  • covenants and restrictions
  • elections
  • construction defects
  • fair housing
  • land use and zoning
  • contracts
  • developer turnover

Developer Turnover

We navigate your association through all phases of the developer turnover process, including:

  • audit of financial records
  • construction inspections
  • turnover inspection reports
  • turnover of property and records
  • election of non-developer board