President’s Letter to the Firm

President’s Message

As our firm has developed through the years, we have placed great emphasis on our level of communications with our clients and responsiveness to the needs of our clients. I took a few moments last weekend to try to determine from an objective standard how we are perceived as a law firm generally by the legal and business community. Other than the direct comments that we receive and the questionnaires that are filled out by our clients periodically, I thought this could be helpful. I looked up our firm in Martindale-Hubbell, a long-established and well-recognized law firm and lawyer rating agency, to see how we are rated. The following are Martindale-Hubbell’s ratings for our firm:

All Ratings on 5.0 Scale

  • Legal Knowledge 4.9
  • Analytical Capabilities 4.9
  • Judgment 4.9
  • Communication Ability 5.0
  • Legal Experience 5.0

The firm received exceptionally high ratings in the categories pertaining to our legal capabilities, but we received the highest ratings possible in the categories of Communication Ability and Legal Experience. We view this as one reliable measure of our community’s perception of our firm.

While we are proud of these high ratings and the many awards that our attorneys have received, we view all of these as a critique of our past performance, knowing that tomorrow is another day. We not only have to continue to perform at the same level, we must exceed our clients’ expectations. These are not hollow words or idle concepts. These principles are repeatedly discussed and implemented at every level of our firm; attorneys, staff, administration, information technology, accounting and other areas. Our business is about YOU, not just about us.

These days, a lot of people say these things, but we believe actions speak louder than words, so we continue to perform at higher and more efficient levels. If you go on our website and look at the Home Page, at the bottom you will see the following words: Quality, Resilient, Experienced, Proven, Accessible, Involved, Relentless, Unique and Committed. These words are there because they have meaning to us, and hopefully, to you. Simply stated, we are committed at all levels to provide you the highest quality legal services that we possibly can. One of our clients recently described our firm using these words: “You provide large firm quality legal services but have the flexibilities and feel of a small firm”. This is a good description of who we are and who we strive to be. Thank you for being a part of us in one way or another. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Daniel S.Rosenbaum